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About Me

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Philip Grimm AIF® is not your typical financial advisor. He is more interested in finding a solution than selling a product. Far too often, investors may not fully understand the risks and the investments they hold. Philip will educate you on what you are holding. He will look at your individual scenario and recommend an appropriate solution.

Philip spent over a decade working in the financial industry. He has held numerous positions that gave him tremendous experience, but he was never a financial advisor. Philip became an advisor to help solve problems. He is not a sales guy, just a down-to-earth guy.

In addition to being a financial advisor, he is also a case planner at Sigma Financial Services. Sigma is a broker dealer. He works in a department where he gives advice to financial advisors on how to handle their clients' money. This position has allowed him to be exposed to many different situations. Everything from the most basic of questions to very complicated situations. He will not say he knows everything, but if there's a question he doesn't have an answer to, he works with an entire department of highly trained individuals who will help.

The case planning position allows him to pay his bills with the day job. He is not worried about keeping the lights on so he is not pressured into selling something that has a high commission in order to survive.

He keeps a small list of clientele. This allows him to be small enough to care and give excellent service.

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Philip is married to his wonderful wife, Sarah. They have three kids and they love to spend time together. The family is active in their church, Living Water in Whitmore Lake.

Philip has his Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership and Administration. This is a degree that is similar to an MBA, but has more emphasis on leadership.

Philip loves the outdoors. He used to be a fly fishing guide in Jackson Hole Wyoming. He was also a commercial tier of flies for fly fishing. His childhood is filled with memories of fishing, camping, and being outdoors. Now, he loves to share his passion with his family. He has also taken up the hobby of gardening. The kids love to help watch the plants grow and harvest the delicious fruits of their labor.

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